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The letter below was written on behalf of the Downs Branch Committee NOT the branch members. It is followed by the reply from Jody of the RBL.

To Membership Services Administrator Royal British Legion By email         7/2/2021

Dear Jody Lammas-Daniell

As Branch Secretary for Deal, Downs Branch, I have been asked to collect together our Committee’s response to the decision to re.brand the Royal British Legion (RBL) and to launch a new logo. We are not surprised that responses have been mixed. However we do find a majority of our Committee members

  1. Not in favour of the changes.
  2. Very annoyed that such a large sum of money was spent on re.branding.
  • That this investment was made without sufficient consultation with Members being sought.
  1. That some Members do accept that the rebranding was required if the RBL is to continue its work with both existing Members and in finding newly recruited membership. With reference to the above points.

Re. i. The new logo is not generally disliked, but thought by many to be unnecessary. In the past it has never been needed to explain the purpose of the RBL during Poppy collection. The original “Poppy Logo” has always had a strong identity with the RBL.

Re.ii. Several of our Members feel that the costs incurred could have been better used elsewhere to have met the aims and purposes of the RBL. With such a wide Membership, it is thought that the RBL must have several talented and perhaps qualified individuals who could have offered updated logo images for consideration ( and consultation ) at little or no cost? Of course rebranding is much more than creating new artwork!

Re.iii. It is however, very strongly viewed by our Committee, that insufficient consultation on rebranding was taken. This should have been across the whole of the membership and within an identified and appropriate time for response. Perhaps by doing so then the National response in the media could have been tempered. Against this of course is the argument that “any publicity is good publicity”!

Re. iv. Very much linked to the points re. Consultation is (from our Committee’s view) a minority opinion that supports rebranding as a natural progression for the RBL, or, who are not strongly against rebranding. It is important that we retain the amazing work that is carried out, particularly by the RBL volunteers, while accepting that, as many Members are in their senior years, it is vital for continuity, that new and younger members are recruited under the Legions banner.

I hope that this response does represent all the views of our Committee and that it would also apply to our wider Branch Membership had we been able to survey their response at this difficult time.

Yours Sincerely Sue Andrews Secretary Downs Branch Royal British Legion

Want to know more why the RBL spent £100,752 on a New Logo? click the link, all comments to




Barbara Windsor RIP. Picture from RMA website.



Royal Marines Book

Some months ago your committee agreed, at a Zoom meeting, to purchase a copy of the book for the branch, this has now been delivered and suitably inscribed by our President John Elms in his beautiful script.

The book is available for short term loan to any member of the branch, please apply to Edward @

John very generously presented one of his pictures to Bill Butler in thanks for all Bill’s work in getting the book published.


RBL Downs Benches

The Downs Branch donated a pair of timber benches for the benefit of  people attending Remembrance Services at the Cross Of Sacrifice and for visitors to Hamilton Road Cemetery in general, regrettably these have been vandalised we assume by mindless thugs who have no respect for anything and worst of all no respect for themselves.

The damage is in the process of being repaired so they are now safe to use.


VE Day We remember all the many thousands of service men and women and civilians who made this day possible for us.



Ex WRACS Wanted!

Mary-Ann wants to hear from you by email on if you were a WRAC or you know someone who was, why not send her a message to find out why?

Nothing ventured nothing gained!


Electric buggy FREE to a genuine need, it only a new battery otherwise it is in first class condition!  Edward 07885110384                         

PLEASE contact Edward on 07885110384 first.



Dear members I hope you have all enjoyed a Happy Christmas, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2020!



Can you spare a Christmas Card?

Great idea pass it on!


A lady living in Walmer would like someone to sit with her bed ridden Ex Royal Marine husband for approx 2hrs on a Wednesday while she goes shopping, if you or someone you know can help then please contact Edward Barkway OR 07885110384 for further info.

Thank You


I have just received this information forwarded by Stephen Shaw Merchant Navy

101 Year Old Ex Middlesbrough British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Veteran Seeks Support For His Petition to Parliament: Honour the BEF’s role in France in 1939/1940                               Please click the link to sign the petition!

No medal was ever struck to honour the BEF’s considerable service in France in 1939/40 – all they were permitted was to add their service in France to other War service towards the eventual award of the over-arching 1939-45 War Star.  Those who served in France between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1945 are also entitled to the award of our France and Germany Star, as well as being given the Legion d’Honneur by the French.  I wrote to President Macron, in my best French! suggesting that since we rescued at Dunkirk the nucleus (140,000+) of what was to form the later Free French Army, which de Gaulle led triumphantly into Paris in 1944, he ought to extend the award of the Legion d’Honneur to the few remaining members of the BEF – that letter was over 18 months ago and I am still sitting on a ‘holding reply’ from one of his officials!  Maybe we’ll need a second petition if the MoD cannot be persuaded to supply a new clasp to the 1939-45 War Star for the BEF and we may then need to put forward the case  simply to extend eligibility for the already available France and Germany Star to all those who served in France at any stage of WW2.I do hope that you will feel that this is a cause to which you can lend your consideration and I hope, also, your support with your signatures via the link below.Kind regards,

Trevor Powell (Lt Col Retd